New York Roots. California Vines.

The corner of 13th Street & Third Avenue in New York City is where Julie and I first met. Twice a week we’d meet there on our bikes before sunrise. She was training for her first century ride, a 100-mile lap around Lake Tahoe, in honor of her father who had recently passed away; I was one of the coaches.  We would ride through the darkened streets of New York City on our way to Central Park. With plenty of time to chitchat during these cold pre-dawn hours, it wasn’t long before we discovered our mutual passion for wine and wine country.

We also both love visiting and exploring new wineries. So Julie and I tacked on a few extra days in Napa and Sonoma to visit a handful of vineyards while on our way to Lake Tahoe. Along our little excursion we were consumed by amazing wines…and each other.  Just 10 months later, we got engaged surrounded by the incredible aromas of wine aging in barrels, as I proposed in the caves of one of Napa’s most prestigious wineries.

As an inseparable couple, our mutual passion for wine continued to grow, and soon turned into a dream of making the kinds of wine we loved to drink ourselves; delicious, food friendly wines that can be enjoyed with family and friends - where occasions and moments are transformed into lasting memories.

We hope you love our wines as much as we do, and look forward to hearing your stories while enjoying a glass of 13th & Third.


Julie & Gregg Rothberg